Helping hand friends club (HHFC), an organization started by students in Patna is setting a benchmark in social responsibility by rendering yeoman services to hundreds of poor kids. 

Helping hand friends club is an association started by Gaurav Abhishek. They tutor hundreds of kids from poor families in slum completely free of cost including study and stationary materials. Currently, they run four centers at multiple locations.

Helping hands friends club
Helping hands friends club

Apart from the donation provided by people who are highly impressed by their work, college students also contribute to the cause and help in the functioning of the club.

“We are still pursuing higher education but thought it better to educate the poor kids in our leisure or off times, instead of wasting time in useless pursuits,” said Gaurav Abhishek. This social movement was initiated by Gaurav along with the students of Patna. Classes are held in the evening. Whether it’s festive days or regular days, member of HHFC makes sure to spread happiness among their kids.

“Free medical check-up camps, evening tutorial classes, providing study materials, imparting training to self-defense, exploring their latent talents in whichever fields they like to go, taking them to the zoo, to educational trips in Patna are some prominent activities of HHFC,” Gaurav added.

Anamika Singh, one of the members of HHFC said: “The kids, mostly girls from extremely poor and underprivileged sections, are getting empowered not only by education but by getting trained in self-defense too. Our initiatives under social responsibility are to bring changes in the lives of all those kids, who are neglected, overlooked and beyond going to good schools.” 

Helping hands friends club
Helping hands friends club cultural event

“Kids in slum areas are full of talent but lack of opportunity discourages them. We educate them, motivate and support them to achieve success in their lives. Kids also showcased their talent at a recent cultural program” shared Utkarsh Raj, another member of HHFC.

During recent Patna floods, HHFC members were actively involved in flood relief activities.


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