Entrepreneurship is not about indulging in business activities all the time. Late night brainstorm sessions and creative mornings are often the part and parcel of the life of an entrepreneur. But, it is not only about ‘businesses’ every morning.


“Successful entrepreneurs are often the early risers, giving themselves the best chance to stick to a schedule without being rushed,” says Sweta Mangal, the co-founder of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. However, before starting their work every day, here’s what they have on their table:


  1. Fitness and health: An entrepreneur can run the business successfully, only if he or she is physically and mentally prepared to do so. Successful entrepreneurs often start their day with exercise. It is the best way to maintain the overall physical and mental health to deal with the pressure and challenges that come along from time to time. Maintaining health should be a habit not a chore, says Ankit Nagori, the co-founder of Cure.Fit.


  1. Learn different things: For successful entrepreneurs, there is a defined time for everything. They don’t spend their mornings thinking about the tough times ahead. They use their morning time to engage the brain in learning something new, something different. They learn new languages, go through a magazine, read a book and indulge in different engaging activities.


  1. Enjoy the tranquility: It is important for every individual to appreciate things and time. A successful entrepreneur always enjoys the freedom to stop and breathe in the tranquility of the morning. It helps in decreasing stress and raising optimism about certain difficulties in personal and professional life, apart from getting closer to the nature. As Sweta Mangal explains it in the words of the poet “Khol Aankh Zameen dekh, falak dekh, fiza dekh. Mashrik se ubharte huve sooraj ko zara dekh.”


  1. Few minutes with the family: It may not be possible for every individual in the family to have breakfast together. But, a successful entrepreneur knows the importance of small things and takes a few minutes to check on the family members. For Mompreneurs, it is the most important aspect of the daily routine. They check on their kids and arrange every possible thing, before leaving the home.


  1. Prepare for the day: For a successful entrepreneur, not a single day starts without creating a schedule. The schedule is not only created to accomplish business chores throughout the day. It is also about eating healthy in short breaks and spending time in fun activities after the work.


This is how successful entrepreneurs start their day, and it is completely different from what most of us think. So, if you want to excel in the field of entrepreneurship, never underestimate the importance of starting the day in a right way.



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