Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I left for Hostel

Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I left for Hostel

As the mid July approaches, freshers all over the country are anxious about the new chapter of their lives.

The hope of doing good, turning the page and the anxiety of a new environment keeps everyone at their toes. Some are staying home while some are busy packing their bags to move to a new place.

Hostel. This one word is the combination of homesickness, excitement and anxiety. Staying in the hostel for the first time can be, “Will my stuff be safe?”, “Will I be comfortable?”, “What if my roommates are not good?”, “What if I get sick and there’s no one to take care of me.”
All these thoughts keep swirling around in our minds. As much as we love freedom, and hostels provide just the perfect opportunity for that, the feeling of suddenly being on your own is really intimidating.

But, Hostels are not torture chambers in the middle of the Sahara Desert. With some tips and tricks you are good to go.

So here’s a list of things that I wish someone told me when I left for the hostel.

1. Don’t expect good food in hostel. But it’s not non-edible either.
2. Don’t skip meals or depend entirely on take-aways. It would be fine at the start but flu and fever bouts after a while won’t agree to that.
3. Even if your roommates is someone you can’t be best friends with, maintain a cordial relationship. They are your roommates for a reason.
4. Keep mosquitoes repellants at your disposal. Chances of encountering Dengue or Malaria are high in Hostels.
5. Lamps, study tables are extremely important. If your hostel doesn’t provides you one, buy them.
6.Thefts in hostels are not a new thing. Most of the time insiders (students and hostel staff) are involved. So, you are responsible for your electronics, pricey gadgets and money. Lock them up in your cupboard and keep the key with yourself only.

7. Always have the amount equal to one way ticket to your home town( Not less, not more) as emergency Fund and don’t use it, until and unless there is any kind of emergency. In case you use it, don’t forget to replenish the Emergency Fund. It helps.

8. Do change your bed sheets every month, if you don’t want to develop diseases.

9. Always keep a standby phone always charged even if it’s the nokia basic model.

10. Don’t worry. It’s gonna be fine. You’ll make it.

Stay Tuned for next chapter on The Hostel Chronicles.