In the wake of recent police atrocities over the students of Jamia who were protesting against the CAA & NRC the students union of Jamia has launched a peaceful march to Jantar- Mantar in New Delhi. Students from across the nation have joined their protest and have raised the very sensitive issue of student’s safety. They were raising slogans against the Delhi-police and Indian Media alleging them both as corrupt and biased. 

The students have started their march from University Campus which later was joined by several politicians and students from other campuses. They were chanting loud: “You can’t demean the voice of people; you can’t demean democracy. This constitution has given us the right and don’t worry we will fight” While holding placards they were marching peacefully towards the Jantar-Mantar. “I am a Brahmin wearing this sacred ‘Janeu’ and I am standing with my fellow colleagues who were detained and beaten brutally by the police. When they asked of the basic amenities (First Aid & Food) in detention under article-21 (Right to life) they were denied by the police. Our protest is against this mindset of dictatorship and we demand an immediate CBI enquiry by the central government” said a student. 

The students were also raising slogans against the media as: ‘Godi-Media GO-Back’. They have alleged the Indian Media as biased and corrupt. In this severe cold many students have barred their clothes and were protesting silently avoiding the media personalities. When asked, their fellow mates have replied, “We are the followers of Mahatma Gandhi and we haven’t spurred any violence, we won’t give pain to anybody, we will give pain our soul as Gandhiji did when fought against the wrong” These allegations of violence over students are false and we want an immediate CBI enquiry. Later many politicians from diverse background have also joined the students and were supporting their protest. 

“This brutality is one of another black-day in Indian history and the govt. is inspired of the ideology of barbarous suppression so derived from the political ideology of Hitler and Mussolini” said a PhD student from JNU. “Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and it should act like an accountable platform. Indian media is going in the worst phases of their time where they give importance to power rather than people” said another student from Delhi University. Seeing the protest march many student organisations across the nation are volunteering such peaceful demonstrations and are getting united to curb such brutal incidents in future. 


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