Pankaj Tripathi gives Beautiful & Powerful message to youths of India

Pankaj Tripathi gives Beautiful & Powerful message to youths of India

In the Amid of Protest in entire country, Institutions were closed and Half of the country’s Youths on the road. Pankaj Tripathi,Film Actor come with a beautiful and powerful message for the Youths of India.

Pankaj Tripathi Message :

Young friends of my country,
Focus on your education, your career. Honestly giving your best in your field is your true patriotism. People play, win hardwork in the country with relentless hard work and determination to win the medal for the Games in the country, behind them is the tune of Jana Gana Mana, hoisting the tricolor. Are they not doing patriotism by doing so? Don’t we feel sad and emotional after seeing them? Isn’t this the most excellent way of patriotism? How can it be patriotic to waste time, spreading negativity on social media?

It is not necessary that you have to mold yourself in the mold of any two sides, or expect the other to be in one side. Can also be fair or develop a third party, your own side. In addition to day and night, there are also morning and evening. Learn from Narasimha avatar that apart from morning, evening, day, night, etc., there can be more time and time and more. Develop your side, your thinking, your understanding. The possibilities are endless. Do not be compressed.

I am shocked to see you confused, seeing the victim of others politics. Be careful, stay alert. I do not want to write such a long post, but I feel like a responsibility to warn you.