Social Media, I think the biggest mediation platform available today has evolved mankind in bits and pieces. It had its long history right from the birth of the Internet in the early 1980s to the globalization of networking media. Today, we all are very fortunate that this social media has given the ‘Voice to Voiceless’

Elucidating technically, it has given value to a dying potential, it has brought the sources of employment through various knowledge-sharing platforms, showcasing one’s talent to fetch their audience. Today the platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on the one side have increased their reach among the youths while on the other side they are also providing some ways of active earning. But at the same time, the way humans have evolved over social media is a hobbling issue. Today people get so much fascinated that they are losing their culture, getting isolated from their vicinity, often put their privacy on threat and get trapped in the vicious web of networking where sometimes it becomes hard to revive.

Today in most of the premier institutes of India and the world this same issue has become the talk of the hour. The media-based crimes are on surge today and humanity is losing its spirit. Media should remain social to evolve efficiently or else the devolution would bring an unprecedented apocalypse.


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