When students are asked about which of the subjects they dislike most, you will find that most of them will respond to Math. There’s also something that students find almost time taking and difficult to comprehend about calculating numbers, searching unknown factors, and graphing equations. 

Research guidebooks that clarify step-by-step solutions, understanding math principles, teamwork in the classroom and no matter how attentively they listen to their teachers and all of this can work to some extent. 

But these all methods appear to be not enough for tough math problems and different algebraic expressions that simply cannot be overcome manually in a short time. This is because students often do not have much time to give only to one subject when they have already a bunch of assignments to complete.

And, if you look in the right places, of course, there will always be an ultimate solution. And these days, by staying away from traditional approaches, you can do yourself a favor and turn to online math support resources to make the math more fun by having directions and comprehensive guidance. 

While you would not have as much fun solving math problems as you may have in learning other subjects. Because at least any time your math teacher assigns you the assignments, you will not have to be frightened and explore how to answer mathematical calculations while saving your time.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best and useful calculators for university students to save their precious time. It is one of the easiest ways to solve your mathematical expressions by understanding some of the most useful and beneficial math calculators. 

These web-based calculators are increasingly replacing their hand-held equivalents in the modern age. In only a few taps, you now have the potential to handle complicated equations. And the best thing is that a step-by-step description of how the question is solved would be offered to you, so you’ll understand how to use them properly in no time.

Below are some online websites that provide dozens of mathematical calculators and give you fast results.

  1. HCF Calculator

It gives you a straightforward description and algorithm for each calculation, and thus, it is a wonderful simple and fast calculator. 

Most university students find it more beneficial and useful because it has a lot of online calculators that allow them to complete their assignments much faster. Therefore, in a difficult or challenging environment, where they have a shortage of time, it can primarily be used to solve math problems.

This is a very helpful calculators for all genuine calculators and avoiding all those bogus online websites that claim to have credible student calculators, but sadly, they waste valuable time and end up with results and outputs that are of poor quality.

It’s most important and top-rated mathematical calculators are the HCF calculator, standard form calculator, number conversion, and exponent calculator. It also has multiple calculators of different fields like physics, chemistry and statistics, and many more.

2. Absolute Pressure Calculator

Just like other online calculator it is a great choice if a university student is searching for a calculator that can help in multiple calculations related to physics, chemistry, etc all under one roof. All calculators of thee kind of website are straightforward to use, just input numbers or the particular equations, and BYJU’S free online calculator can get you results in no time. Therefore, this online gadget minimizes the difficulty of solving challenging calculations in quick and easy learning of any subject. 

Understanding and solving the mathematical operations has become much easier and more fun to do with all of the BYJU’S online Calculators. It provides its services completely for free. 

3. Boat Loans 

It is another quick, comprehensive, easy to use and absolutely free online website that is famous for providing dozens of calculators in almost all fields of science. 

It claims to provide more than two hundred calculators that work efficiently in the field of finance, fitness, health, math, and many more. It gives you easy and step by step guidance for all its users that want to compute fast calculations. 

As this resource is offering its services completely free and asks you no registration therefore, anyone can have access to it by just tapping a few keys.

Each one of the calculators is highly developed and coded and they have passed a comprehensive testing before providing it to users. It has its worldwide users so you must give it a try. 

4. Mean Calculator | Average Calculator

Calculator Soup is a free online resource that offers a large number of calculators in almost every field. This website is greatly and efficiently dealing with free loans, mortgages, time value of money, math, algebra, trigonometry, fractions, physics, statistics, time & date, and conversions calculators. As here we are listing the mathematical calculators for university students, so this website would be a handsome option for them. 

5. Business Budget Calculator

Omni Calculator is a famous website that gives you loads of customized calculators. Almost all of them address a real-life challenge that is experienced by thousands of university students across the globe, every day. It just takes seconds and these calculators would send you exactly and the authentic numbers as an answer to your queries that you need.

Omni Calculator can be used for multiple purposes, but its sole mission is to solve all the small math problems that students deal with on a daily basis.

6. Percentage Calculator

For so many regular activities in math exercises that involve measurements to be done, the online calculators and converters by this website will support you. You can start by selecting from one of its most common ones, or by browsing the categories offered and there you go, you will get results immediately. 

7. BMI Calculator

RockNets.com is designed to give you online calculators for multiple kinds of measurement units.  The most vital tools of this website are considered conversion tools that can be used to measure lengths, weights, power and many other units. 

If you are dealing with conversion units in your mathematical assignments, give a try to rockNets.com as they aim to offer one the best user experience when using the online calculator and to convert units quickly. Other features that make it nicer is that this website is quick and responsive.


These digital calculators are significant and are very beneficial and effective tools that help in carrying out mathematical calculations either they are related to algebra, arithmetic, metrics or any derived equations quickly and authentically. 

After searching and trying out the online calculators all over the entire internet, we have listed the seven best online calculator websites that would be useful for you if you are a university student. 

The above listed seven best websites are not only the best for students but also for teachers as well. 

The purpose of writing this article is to save the precious time of students that they will waste in finding the authentic calculator.

The above-mentioned calculators possess all the listed properties or featured 

  • Easy and practical to use
  • Give fast and authentic results 
  • Compute the complicated operations and equations
  • Save a lot of your time as they are quick in giving results
  • Permit you to double check your answers
  • Beneficial for everyone 

We are hoping that this guide will be useful in finding solutions for your mathematical as well as finance calculations.


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