For the past 2 months, educational institutions have been closed during the lockdown. But as Unlock 1.0 begins, university exams are being re-scheduled to be taken online and school classes are resuming virtually.

The government of Kerala started telecasting digital classes named “First bell” on the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE)-Victers channel, website, mobile app, and social media pages.

Sessions in Malayalam and English will begin at 8.30 am and end at 5.30 pm. State school students of classes I to XII (except XI) can watch them live or download them.

“We very well know the situation of COVID-19, its spread and how dangerous it is. We need the nod of the center and the state government to open schools and start regular classes. So the department had decided to start online classes.”K Jeevan Babu,Director of Public Instruction (DPI) said.

He added,“We have entrusted the class teachers and school headmasters or principals to make sure that students have access to a television or a smartphone or a computer, and Internet for the classes. If not, they should find an alternative for the students to attend the online classes either in real-time or later.”

Here’s what Twitter thinks of the virtual classes:

Around 1.20 lakh laptops and 4450 TV sets were provided to schools to enable access to these sessions. In case of a lack of facilities in remote areas, the government has suggested using libraries or Akshaya centers for classes.


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