The first cafeteria library of a university in Bihar will be made in Patna University,PU. It will be given to students of Sagas on the occasion of the centenary of Central Library. According to the information, there is no cafeteria library in any other state university. There is such a library in JNU and Delhi University. It remains open for 24 hours.

“On the centenary year of the Central Library, the state government has passed the proposal of 10 million rupees 10 lakhs. The University has decided to open the Cafeteria library to enhance the facilities of students and establish a better academic environment. Its preparation has started.” said, Patna University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Rasbihari Prasad Singh.

The Vice-Chancellor said that the cafeteria library on empty terrain will be made right next to the Central Library. The university has instructed the engineer to prepare the DPR by showing the empty terrain. He said that in the first phase, 25 to 30 computers will be installed. After this, their numbers will be increased. Students will be able to prepare study material from the cafeteria library according to their convenience.

Students will be given a chance at the cafeteria library on the basis of the shift. Girl students will be given a chance in the day. This library will open 24 hours. There will be a shift of one to two hours to be determined so that more students can use it. Whereas the Central Library will open and close at its predetermined time.



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