BA graduate (fifth Semester) student Ankita jumps from the second floor of the social science building in Central University of South Bihar. After the incident, the campus became frantic. Here, the people of Akita’s family said that under the mental pressure of the University administration she did this.

In the case of a suicide attempt by jumping from the roof of the CUSB, the University administration has registered Sanha in Panchganpur OP. University’s Security Officer Sunil Pratap has applied. It has been said that Ankita, a student of BA, attempted suicide by jumping from the social science building. Panchagarpur OP president Rituraj said that Sunha has been registered. After jumping from the roof, Dr. Niharika Sinha, a doctor from the University, made the first treatment. Later he was sent from Ambulance to Magadha Medical Hospital. He is undergoing treatment here. Ankita is out of danger. There was soil on the place where ankita kuthi was from the roof. Because of this, his life was saved.

The university’s medical officer, Dr Niharika Singha, was sent to Magadha Medical College, after the first treatment, the schoolgirl, who is falling from two floors, is in the senses and is with his father and family. Schoolgirl is out of danger.

Ankita joined the exam in mid-term on Thursday. After the exam, the incident of falling from the roof has come up. Ankita is a resident of Mundhera village of Konch. Ankita’s brother Aditya told that Ankita was told that she can not give the examination. It’s not just his enrollment. Brother questioned how Ankita did not have an enrollment, how was the class doing.

Professor Kaushal Kishore said that Ankita has filled Semester registration form. It is important to fill out this form. Ankita was asked to fill the form. Due to this form it is wrong to deprive the examination. This form can be filled later. He told that BA BEd course is of four years. It has to be completed in maximum six years. Ankita was admitted in 2014.

Attendance in Ankita’s class may also be the reason for her suicide. In the year 2017 Ankita was deprived of the examination due to its low presence. This time too there is talk of less presence. In such a situation, if he was deprived of the exam due to attendance then his problem was fixed. The BEd professor said that it is a matter of investigation that Ankita’s presence is so important.


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