A seven-member peer team of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) will visit Patna University (PU) on Monday.

The team will interact with the university officials, teachers, employees, students and alumni during the three-day visit to all the postgraduate departments, institutes and facility centres like library, health centre, guesthouse, etc to make an on-the-spot assessment.

NAAC has already completed its 70% evaluation on the basis of self-study report (SSR) submitted by PU in the first week of March and the peer team is supposed to complete the remaining 30% evaluation following physical verification. The evaluation is made on seven different parameters, including curricular, teaching-learning process and research.

PU authorities were seen working overtime on Sunday to give their best performance before the visiting team. All the postgraduate departments and administrative wings of PU were kept open on Sunday and all the teachers and employees were in full attendance.

PU vice-chancellor Rash Bihari Prasad is hopeful of getting better grade from NAAC on the basis of the university’s all-round performance during the last five years (the period of assessment). The university would start getting handsome development grants from different funding agencies like UGC, RUSA and even the state government following its accreditation, he said.


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