The teachers and non-teaching staff of Patna University (PU) are warned against the reported move of the authorities to pay their salaries through treasury from now on. They have threatened direct action if their salaries for the month of July are not paid on August 1.

“PU is the only university in the state, which has been making regular payment of
salaries to its teachers, officials and other employees every month. Since it is very small compared to other universities, it has also been managing payment of salaries through its internal resources in the event of delay in receipt of the government grants. But, as the things stand today, PU has neither adequate funds in its account nor has it been authorized by the government to make payment from internal resources. ” said Randir Kumar Singh, President,Patna University Teacher’s Association.

When a delegation of PU teachers met vice-chancellor Rash Bihari Prasad Singh on Saturday, the latter expressed his inability in following the old pattern of salary payment due to specific orders from the state government. Consequently, the payment
order for the month of July has not yet been issued to the bank.

Criticizing the move for payment of monthly and family pensions of retired teachers through treasury, Patna University Retired Teachers’ Association president Bakhshi Vidyanand Sinha and general secretary S K Ganguli observed that the old practice of
payment of salaries and pensions should be allowed to continue in PU. They apprehended that the new system might delay the payment of salaries and pensions.


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