Yeh! It’s true that Patna University rank as in term of oldest University is in controversy from Several years. As per different sources, it’s rank varies from one source to another. But, Do you know what’s the exact rank of Patna University as in term of Oldest University in India.

As per News Media or Portals reports, Patna University rank is at sixth or Seventh Oldest University in India. But, these major media houses never cross-checks the fact and as a result, they used the irrelevant information in their articles.

While Patna University official website mention that Patna University is the eight oldest University in India as per their history page on the website. Maybe they will be true on some facts or reason but, Campus Varta team has found something new while our research team searches the establishment dates of Universities in India.

Major Controversy arises when the same Patna University official Website mention that Patna University is the Seventh Oldest University in India.

Now, this creates a problem for Students who don’t have any clarification while they are doing projects related to Patna University. We met a few students who urge this problem.

Patna University, the first university in Bihar, was established on 1 October 1917 during the British Raj. At that time, the jurisdiction of the university extended to Bihar, Odisha, and the Kingdom of Nepal.

Below is the timeline of Establishment of Universities in India.

  1. Presidency University, Kolkata – 20 January 1817
  2. Senate of Serampore College (University) – 1818
  3. Indian Institute of Technology (University of)Roorkee – 1847
  4. University of Calcutta – 1857
  5. University of Mumbai – 1857
  6. University of Madras – 1857
  7. Aligarh Muslim University – 1875
  8. Panjab University – 1882 (Excluded from India)
  9. University of Allahabad – 1887
  10. Banaras Hindu University – 1916
  11. University of Mysore – 1916
  12. Patna University – 1917

As per this data and facts, Patna University is the eleventh oldest University in India after excluding Panjab University which was gone into Pakistan after the partition of India.



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