Cineyatra Documentary Workshop at Amity University Patna (Closed)

Cineyatra Documentary Workshop at Amity University Patna (Closed)

CDDI is presenting a documentary making free workshop on 24th-26th April, 2018 to impart the skills of documentary making at Amity University Campus. Anyone can join this free workshop which will be guided by Mr. Nilanjan Dutta, Chief Menor and twice National Awards Winner.

Cineyatra Documentary Development Initiative (CDDI) is a nonprofit programme that actively support the storytellers with alternative voice by providing them with training, invaluable exposure to contemporary documentary trends and initiating tangible dialogue. We inspire visual storytellers who dare to risk, innovate and take up challenges for bringing untold truth for public discourses free of commercial or political pressure. They encourage independence of an artist who tackles complex issues and sensitizes other with unique point of view. CDDI in its year round endeavor, bring many such filmmakers of diverse culture and geography in a platform for mutual enrichment. They keep on discovering new talents, nurture & empower them by providing factual and artist knowledge, help develop skill, advance the co-production possibilities.

One of CDDI’s year-round activities is Documentary Workshop – a unique initiative to evoke quality discourses through intense exchange and workshop. This intends to create an awareness and exposition of high quality artist content of actuality storytelling among the young aspirant visual storytellers. The initiative aims at taking the artistic ways of reality storytelling to various regions and platforms. It bring renowned filmmakers and acclaimed documentary film with in-depth discussions on various genres, enriching mind with the creative visions of masters as well as encouraging them to delve into new ways of cinematically exploring real life issues they feel strongly about. This also finds a new audience with documentary temperament.

Location: Patna

Benefits :

  • Certificate and Recognition from Cineyatra
  • Experience
  • Mentoring

Eligibilities :

  • Passionate in Documentary Making
  • Age must be 18+ Years
  • Willingness to share and learn from others

Eligible Regions:  Bihar


Apply online through the given link.

Application Deadline: April 23, 2018

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