How to Start Career in Fashion Designing After 12th?

How to Start Career in Fashion Designing After 12th?

Are you constantly updated about the trends in fashion and love watching every high-end fashion show? Does it make you feel like creating a collection with your selected colors, patterns, fabrics, and inspirations? Is creativity your forte and do illustrations excite you? Then fashion designing is your career option.

In order to give a start to their career, the aspirants will have to decide if they only want to work or be the driving force of global fashion. One needs to start the whole process by getting a bachelor’s degree. Students can get several degrees depending on their interests ranging from Bachelor’s in Fashion Technology to Bachelors in designing (BDes). Here are some of the popular courses in the field:

● Fashion and Apparel Designing

● Fashion Business and Retail Management

● Lifestyle and Accessory Design

● Textile Design

● Leather Design

● Accessory Design

● Knitwear Design

These courses can be of three to four years duration and at times institutions also have competitive exams to select a candidate. If you are interested in a short-term course, fashion designing can also be done via diplomas and certificate courses. However, these might come with fewer opportunities and a lack of placement.

The requirements for admissions also depend from course to course, thus students need to do thorough research before finalizing their college. For example, if a student is opting for BSc in fashion design, they would need to have science and maths in class 12th, and if one is opting for a BA then students from any stream can apply. Some rules might change depending on colleges as well.  Do check the rules and regulations of the institute before applying.


Buyer, Creative Director, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist., Graphic Designer, Personal Stylist, Public Relations, Trend Forecaster, Fashion Journalist, and Fashion Photographer are some of the career options waiting for you.

Be dedicated to your strong suit from day one and while you pursue your course, give extra attention to this strong point. After your bachelor’s, you can proceed to a specific course that you wish to pursue, in case your specification requires more than a three-year degree.


Illustrations, understanding of mannequin, garment construction, pattern making, draping, surface ornamentation, fabrics, threads, Computer Aided software, graphic designing, and cultures across the globe that has been inspiring every garment in the modern world are some of the key topics or points a fashion designing student will learn throughout the course.

CAD and graphic design are the essential tools to express your creativity if you don’t want to get into designing particularly and software is your cup of tea. Motifs, collections and other contexts related to the big picture are all completed with the help of technology. It has a great scope and such students have more opportunities to explore around the world.

Enthusiasm and optimism walk hand in hand with every fashion designer. It is the most alluring, glamorous, and rewarding career, especially in this era where digitalization and globalization are taking new heights every single day.

The demand and supply of aesthetic garments and accessories are constantly changing. You will have to keep up with the trends, seasons, and the evolution of couture, and haute couture in the fashion capitals.

Understand that fashion is more than just glamour! Giving a 100 per cent is not enough, this industry demands more in every branch related to your course. Keep sketching, watching videos about experts, interviews with fashion designers, and always stay in touch with websites, and social media pages that are very much into the fashion industry.