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    Registration after Biometric Identification in BHU Entrance

    Examinations will be registered only after biometric identification is held in online admission test for the first time starting May 18 in BHU. Under it, the pupil of the eye, face and thumb marks…

    ICMR nod for coronavirus detection assay developed by IIT Delhi

    IIT Delhi said it has got the approval from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) for a probe-free coronavirus detection assay developed by it. The institute, in a statement on…

    IIM Visakhapatnam is back with its flagship event ‘Conflux 2018’

    IIM Visakhapatnam is back with its flagship event ‘Conflux 2018’, a business conclave which will host many industry leaders for a discussion on Innovation and Business in Emerging Markets. The event will be held…

    UGC plans for comeback of four-year UG courses across streams

    The University Grants Commission is contemplating bringing four-year Undergraduate course in all the streams back on the table, with an aim to promote and improve quality of research in colleges and universities. If implemented—…

    IIT Jodhpur develops sterilisation system for medical accessories used in Covid-19 cases

    Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur has developed an Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation Sterilization System based on UV-light and metal oxide nanoparticles catalyst panels. This can be used for sterilization of medical accessories being…

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