IIM Jammu Meets Local Entrepreneur

IIM Jammu Meets Local Entrepreneur

The IIM Jammu Foundation for Entrepreneurship Innovation & Skill Development under the leadership of Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu hosted the serial event INSPIRE: Meet Your Local Entrepreneurs on August 4, 2023, at the Canal Road Campus. The event featured Ms. Sanchaita Khajuria, a women entrepreneur who shared her story of success, determination, and passion without fear.

The show was managed entirely by the student body of IIM Jammu viz. Entrepreneurship Development Cell where the students had the unique opportunity to hear firsthand the inspiring story of the entrepreneur. She shared her entrepreneurial journey from wild-life tourism at Delhi to the handicrafts of Jammu through the turmoil of COVID. Being from Orissa and married into a Dogra family she built her business three years ago on the art forms of the small town of Basohli in the Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir. 

She eloquently recounted her challenges, triumphs, and the pivotal role of courage in shaping her journey to explore and preserve the culture and heritage of J&K. She shared how she worked at small organizations before embarking on her current entrepreneurial journey as the founder of Shilpkari Bazaar, a startup that focuses on manufacturing and repositioning local arts and crafts of India for the next generation. Through candid conversations, she emphasized that persistence is the driving force that enables individuals to pursue their dreams, even in the face of fear and uncertainty. She urged students to instill qualities such as risk-taking and perseverance in their paths to success.

The fireside session was conducted by Dr Niti Shekar, faculty, IIM Jammu & the event witnessed the presence of Dr Vivek Sharma, Chief Innovation Officer, IIM Jammu. The session was followed by an engaging Q&A session, where participants enthusiastically interacted with the speaker. Students were eager to seek advice, guidance, and practical tips to excel in their entrepreneurial endeavours. Ms. Sanchaita Khajuria graciously shared her insights, leaving the audience with valuable knowledge and a renewed sense of determination. This was the first of the series of interactions planned by the IIM Jammu student body EDC, under the aegis of IIMJ-FEISD.