IIM Ranchi Inaugurates MDP for IOCL Employees

IIM Ranchi Inaugurates MDP for IOCL Employees

Indian Institute of Management Ranchi has commenced its inaugural ceremony today, marking the initiation of a comprehensive Management Development Programme (MDP) tailored specifically for the esteemed personnel of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). The three-day MDP, focusing on the critical themes of "Professional Etiquettes, Ethics at Workplace & Public Dealing, Emotional Quotient & Emotional Intelligence," promises to equip participants with essential skills and insights vital for modern professional environments. Prof. Angshuman Hazarika and Prof. Tanusree Dutta are the Programme Directors of the MDP.

The sessions being conducted by the industry experts and faculty members of the institute, the MDP encompasses a diverse array of sessions designed to foster holistic professional development. Sessions include "Understanding Cultures," "Being Happy: Society and Professionalism," "Nurturing Core Values of an Organization," "Effective Communication," "Professional Etiquette," "Non-verbal Communication," "Ethics in Public Dealing," "Civility on the Internet: Email and Social Media Etiquette," and "Emotional Quotient & Emotional Intelligence", etc.

The inaugural session, held on May 16, 2024, witnessed esteemed speakers providing insights into the significance of the programme and its relevance in today's dynamic corporate landscape. Prof. Angshuman Hazarika extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries and all participants and outlined the key themes of the programme, emphasizing the importance of soft skills, leadership, emotional quotient, and emotional intelligence.

Prof. Rojers P Joseph, Chairperson, Executive Education Committee, shed light on the executive education activities of the institute and highlighted the various certificate programmes offered. He also highlighted about various MDPs conducted, MoU signed and the institute's collaborations with various organizations.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. Deepak Kumar Srivastava, Director, IIM Ranchi, emphasized the crucial role of management education in shaping effective decision-making and leadership practices in contemporary professional environments. He elucidated on the proficiency in essential tools & techniques, and interpersonal communication in fostering effective leadership and managerial efficacy. Prof. Srivastava underscored the significance of organizational understanding in shaping managerial competence.

Ms. Indrani Maji, General Manager (HRD, MS, & L&D) at IOCL's Eastern Region Office, emphasized the importance of the MDP for IOCL officers, particularly in enhancing verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills, and ethical decision-making processes. She underlined the pivotal role of emotional quotient and emotional intelligence in managing one's behavior effectively and ethical behaviour in imparting the external customer.

The MDP represents a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between IIM Ranchi and IOCL, aiming to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills essential for success in today's competitive business environment.