IIM Ranchi launches Young Changemakers Programme 2.0

IIM Ranchi launches Young Changemakers Programme 2.0

The Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi, is back with the second edition of the Young Changemakers Programme’s Rural Immersion Bootcamp (YCP - RIB). The first edition was nothing short of spectacular. With more than 100 students hailing from over 40 cities across our diverse nation, it was an event that resonated with the spirit of unity and progress.

IIM Ranchi signed an MoU with the Rasabeda Village Committee, where they pledged an amount of 1.8 Lakh INR earned by students through the Young Changemakers Programme for the comprehensive development of the village. This collaboration paves the way for a bright future for the residents of Rasabeda. IIM Ranchi would provide support for developing and implementing the village development plan. 

Going global this time, the Rural Immersion Bootcamp is a four-day programme, from the 21st to the 24th of December 2023, designed for future leaders passionate about social work and community development and driven to create a sustainable and long-lasting impact.

This event will serve as a global nexus, a crossroads of diverse perspectives and talents, where individuals from various cultural and geographical backgrounds converge to collectively explore, share, and celebrate the multifaceted spirit of inquiry and innovation that unites us all. It is designed to empower students, foster their ability to become active agents of change and enable them to proactively partake in meaningful actions, ultimately resulting in tangible, positive transformations on a global scale. IIM Ranchi extends a warm invitation not only to the spirited minds of India but also to trailblazers spanning the entire globe. The program welcomes students from all disciplines currently enrolled in grades 9 to 12 or any equivalent educational program. Accommodation would be provided at the IIM Ranchi campus.

The participants will get the chance to learn from some of the country’s finest professors and esteemed guest speakers, who will equip them with all the knowledge required to tackle a live case study. There’s another exciting facet - Cultural Connect. Participants will participate in a cultural exchange, enhancing their sensitivity and awareness towards the tribals. This exchange represents the harmonious coexistence of diverse ethnicities, each contributing its unique colours to the rich fabric of our global heritage. Then, the young changemakers will get to visit Rasabeda village, where they will get a chance to gain an understanding of rural India and its complexities while interacting with the resilient people of Rasabeda.

Participants will present their innovative solutions to the challenges they've unearthed. A panel of experts will assess these solutions based on their practicality, potential impact, and scalability, with the top team receiving the Programme Laureate certificate for their achievements. 

The registration details are available on IIM Ranchi’s official website.The Rural Immersion Bootcamp serves as a platform that nurtures future leaders, where enthusiasm and commitment come together to create social change pioneers, all prepared to paint a brighter future with their impactful initiatives.