Inside the SBI PO 2023 Mains Exam: Difficulty, Insights, and Student Reactions

Inside the SBI PO 2023 Mains Exam: Difficulty, Insights, and Student Reactions

The State Bank of India (SBI) conducted the SBI PO 2023 mains examination on December 5, marking a crucial step in the recruitment process for aspiring probationary officers. This examination, spanning various cities across the country, is a pivotal stage determining the selection of candidates for this esteemed position. However, due to the cyclone affecting Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry regions, the exam for these areas had to be postponed, with revised dates yet to be announced.

Students' reactions and the exam analysis present a comprehensive overview of the SBI PO 2023 mains. The consensus among students is that this year's examination was notably more challenging compared to previous iterations. The sections covering English Language and General Awareness were particularly demanding, with the former being manageable yet time-consuming. The math section proved to be the most difficult, focusing on topics such as Profit and Loss and Arithmetic, while the questions in the General Awareness section drew from events in September and August.

The descriptive part of the exam involved essay writing on the topic of 'How Dividend can help in the economy in India' and required candidates to compose a letter addressing a street light issue to the Municipal Corporation. This segment, while testing candidates' written communication skills, added depth to the assessment by incorporating real-world scenarios and economic perspectives.

The exam pattern itself encompassed objective and descriptive tests, totaling 157 questions and 250 marks. The objective test covered reasoning, data analysis, general/economy/banking awareness, and English language, while the subjective test focused on English language through letter writing and essay composition. The weightage of these sections and the duration allocated for each showcased the comprehensive nature of the evaluation process, reflecting the multifaceted skills required for a role like that of a probationary officer in a prestigious institution like SBI.

Student feedback from various exam centers indicates a consensus on the challenging nature of the exam. Individuals expressed that the reasoning and mathematical sections were particularly tough, filled with puzzles and complex problem-solving scenarios. Despite the difficulty, some found the descriptive section comparatively easier, possibly due to its practical approach and direct questions.

For reference, the cutoff marks from the previous year (2022) provide aspirants with an insight into the competitive threshold they might need to cross. These figures vary across categories, reflecting the diversity and dynamics of the candidate pool.

The feedback and analysis of the SBI PO 2023 mains exam serve as a valuable resource for aspirants, giving them a sense of the exam's difficulty level, the range of topics covered, and the skills required to excel. Overall, this year's mains exam demanded a balanced proficiency across diverse subjects and posed a notable challenge, underscoring the rigorous selection process for the coveted role of a probationary officer in the State Bank of India.