Muzaffarpur Sports Festival Concludes with Grand Closing Ceremony

Muzaffarpur Sports Festival Concludes with Grand Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the Ist Muzaffarpur Sports Festival was a grand and spectacular affair, held at the LS College ground with thousands of fans in attendance. The event marked the culmination of three days filled with fierce competition and camaraderie among athletes from various schools and clubs.

The ceremony commenced with a tribute by Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha, IAS (Retd.), former Director of Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of Bihar, and President of the organizing institution, Vivekanand Krida avam Yoga Sansthan. Dr. Sinha acknowledged the hard work and dedication of all participating teams, athletes, coaches, and officials, celebrating their contributions to the success of the festival.

Amidst cheers and applause from the crowd, it was evident that the festival had achieved its objective of bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and unity.

Awards were presented during the closing ceremony to the winners of various sporting events held as part of the festival. Athletes who displayed exceptional skills and sportsmanship were honored with trophies and certificates, acknowledging their achievements on the field.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha, on behalf of the organizing committee, expressed gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and volunteers for their invaluable contributions to the event's success. He announced plans to host more such festivals in the future, dedicated to identifying and nurturing young talent in sports.

Prof. Ompraksh Roy, Principal of LS College, congratulated Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha for orchestrating a successful sports event that celebrated athleticism and sporting spirit in Muzaffarpur. He emphasized the lasting impression left by the festival and the profound impact of sports in fostering qualities like commitment, discipline, and dedication among students.

The Ist Muzaffarpur Sports Festival featured eight different sports, comprising a total of 95 events over three days from March 19 to March 22, 2024. A remarkable 333 medals were awarded to outstanding performers in each category. With the participation of 3000 athletes from various schools and clubs, the festival emerged as one of the largest athletic events in the region.

The event was graced by eminent sports personalities, local dignitaries, and members of the organizing committee, including Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma, Shailendra Kumar, Dr. SN Abbas, Dr. Navin Kumar, Dr. Imteyaz, Paras Gupta, Pankaj Kumar, Rajkumar Ji, Mahendra Prasad, Samresh Kumar, Rajeev Kumar, among others.

In summary, the closing ceremony of the Ist Muzaffarpur Sports Festival was a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable event, showcasing the power of sports to inspire and unite communities.