Sabita Mahato, Cyclist and mountaineer become The World's First Woman to Conquer Lukla to Everest Base Camp(5364 meters)  in 64 Hours

Sabita Mahato, Cyclist and mountaineer become The World's First Woman to Conquer Lukla to Everest Base Camp(5364 meters) in 64 Hours

In the world of adventure sports, where athletes constantly push their boundaries to achieve new feats and set remarkable records, Sabita Mahato, a resident of Chhapra, has emerged as a true trailblazer. Sabita recently achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first woman in the world to complete the journey from Lukla to Everest Base Camp, located at an elevation of 5364 meters, in an astonishing 64 hours. This achievement is a testament to her unwavering determination, passion for adventure, and sheer physical and mental strength.

Breaking Records and Shattering Expectations

What sets Sabita Mahato's accomplishment apart is the incredible speed at which she covered the 104-kilometer journey. While it typically takes common people 12 days to reach Everest Base Camp, Sabita did it in just two days and 16 hours. Her journey began with a flight from Patna to Kathmandu, and from there, she embarked on her remarkable trek.

Starting from Lukla at 5:28 am on October 28th, Sabita followed a challenging route along the Dudhkoshi River, passing through iconic locations like Namche Bazaar (3,440 meters), Tengboche, Dingboche (13980 feet), and Lobuche, before finally reaching Everest Base Camp. Her return journey followed the same route and she arrived back in Lukla at 9:32 pm on October 30th.

Support from Path Foundation

Sabita's remarkable feat was made possible with the support of the Path Foundation, which played a crucial role in helping her complete this extraordinary journey. The Path Foundation's assistance highlights the importance of such organizations in encouraging and enabling individuals to pursue their dreams and passions in the realm of adventure sports.

Sabita's Dreams and Aspirations

Sabita Mahato's journey is far from over. Her dream is to hoist the Indian tricolor on Mount Everest, a goal she aims to achieve in the upcoming year. However, this dream comes with its own set of challenges, including the need for support from the government and the common people. As she continues to make a name for herself in the world of adventure sports, it is crucial that we rally behind her and offer our support to help her achieve this remarkable goal.

Two Routes to Everest Base Camp

Sabita Mahato's achievement is all the more incredible considering she tackled the southern route to Everest Base Camp. Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet, resulting in two base camps – the southern base camp in Nepal and the northern base camp in Tibet. Sabita chose the southern route, which entails a long and arduous trek, with supplies provided by local Sherpas.

Mountaineers typically spend several days at base camps to acclimatize themselves to the harsh environmental conditions before attempting the summit. Sabita's choice of route highlights her dedication and the extraordinary physical and mental strength she possesses.

A Journey of Transformation

Sabita Mahato's journey from an ordinary family to becoming a record-setting cyclist and mountaineer is a testament to her determination and the power of following one's passion. Despite societal norms and family expectations, she took a leap of faith and left her job at Tata Steel to pursue her love for cycling and mountaineering.

Her journey started in 2017 when she began touring her home state of Bihar on a bicycle, thanks to the encouragement of individuals like Dheeraj Kumar of Patna NCC, Community Traffic Police, and Brigadier Ranvijay Singh. Since then, she has achieved remarkable milestones, including becoming the first woman to cover all 29 Indian states by bicycle alone and climbing numerous mountains above 7000 meters. Her achievements include being the first cyclist to reach the world's highest motorable road, Umlingla (19,064 feet), and covering a 570-kilometer distance from Manali to Umlinga La Pass (19,024 feet) from sea level, making her the first woman in the world to do so.

Sabita Mahato's journey is an inspiration for all, especially for young women who aspire to break free from societal expectations and follow their passions. Her story is a reminder that with determination, support, and the pursuit of one's dreams, extraordinary achievements are within reach. Sabita's unyielding spirit is a testament to the potential that lies within each of us, waiting to be unlocked and celebrated.