Telangana Teacher Turns Hindi Poems into Songs to Help Tribal Students Learn the Language

Telangana Teacher Turns Hindi Poems into Songs to Help Tribal Students Learn the Language

In order to make Hindi language easy to children, a teacher from Telangana has been teaching poems in the language in the form of songs. Sheikh Hazi Noorani has been teaching the Hindi subject at a government school at Eturunagaram, which is a tribal area. The students find it difficult to learn the language which has created fear towards it.

As many as 700 students who have been pursuing education from first standard to class 10 in the school, has Telugu as their mother tongue. They come to the school on bicycles from the surrounding areas, where they do not speak in Hindi, neither at their home nor at primary level schools, up till class 5.

After a student completes his/her fifth standard and enters the sixth class, students now need to learn a new language, which then become a herculean task to them. They try to avoid learning the language due to fear towards the Hindi.

The Hindi teacher, Noorani, found this fear towards the language, in most of the students. Also a writer, who has penned many books in the Hindi language, Noorani tries out innovative ways to bring the students to like the language. That is when he came across the idea to teach the Hindi poems by adding tunes to them. With in no time, he became one of the favourite teachers to the students.

When News18 contacted, the Hindi teacher Sheikh Hazi Noorani said that his idea has been creating wonders. “Most of the students who were running away from the language, have now developed interest towards it. He said that learning the language at student level will benefit the students in their future at any moment. That is why I am trying my best to make the Hindi language more friendly to the students by composing tunes to the poems in the form of songs," he said.