The 2022 Go Laadli Climate Action Campaign is live and calling all young women across India to participate!

The 2022 Go Laadli Climate Action Campaign is live and calling all young women across India to participate!

Go Laadli is a social impact organization created with the mission of empowering young women in India to become problem solvers, leaders and changemakers. We do that through investing in their education, providing mentoring and leadership opportunities, and by engaging them in their communities in real-world problem-solving, which are based in the United States.

About the Go Laadli Climate Action Campaign

It’s no secret: summers are getting hotter, monsoons are getting wetter, and storms are getting stronger. As the youth today become frequent consumers, global citizens, and future leaders, we at Go Laadli realized something needed to be done.

That’s why we’ve launched The 2022 Go Laadli Climate Action Campaign, and we’re calling all young women across India to participate! From reducing waste to finding creative solutions to everyday plastic problems, our participants will make small changes for a big impact. They will inform themselves to inform others, share their brilliant sustainable projects, and become a role model in helping solve environmental issues. They even have a chance to win scholarships, certificates, and surprise gifts!

Call to action and application process

Presenting The 2022 Go Laadli Climate Action Campaign– a step by step program to tackle climate change and make your actions count.

Participate to win certificates, surprise gifts and scholarships!

If you have not joined already, this is your time to:

- To make a difference in the climate movement

- And win a chance for scholarships, certificates, surprise gifts and more!

Participation is super simple! We have tried to keep it fun and easy, so each of us feels empowered to make an impact in their community. Essentially, all you have to do is to pick a path to get started (you may pick more than one, of course). You can participate as a:

1. Go Laadli Climate Explorer - Play climate fact vs fiction game with your friends, relatives and with members of your community.

2. Go Laadli Climate Adventurer - Conduct a waste audit and make changes to your waste pattern accordingly by reducing, recycling, or rotting (aka composting)!

3. Go Laadli Climate Crusader - Conduct a microplastics audit in your cosmetics with the app linked in their website!


All entries meeting the eligibility and minimum participation requirements will be entered for a chance to win Rs.10,000 toward a school/college scholarship. Six entries (two from each category viz. climate explorer, climate adventurer or climate crusader) will be selected for the scholarship award. Also, top entries based on creativity, innovation, and potential for reach will be featured on our website and recognized with badges, certificates and surprise gifts!!


You must be in high school (grades IX-XII) or in an undergraduate program in India to apply

Application timeline

The Campaign is open from the 15 August 2022 till 15 October 2022 - so hurry!

Apply here: