Equal opportunities policy

Policy brief & purpose

We at Campus Varta Technology Private Limited are an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a policy of treating all its employees and job applicants equally. Our Equal Opportunity Employer Policy expresses the company’s commitment to promote equality and conduct its business according to principles of social justice, respect and freedom of expression. It is the policy of the Company to take all reasonable steps to employ and promote employees on the basis of their abilities and qualifications. The Company will appoint, train, develop and promote on the basis of merit and ability alone.


This Equal Opportunity Employer Policy applies to all prospective or current employees of the company, as well as contractors and visitors, who are vulnerable to discriminatory treatment due to certain individual characteristics.

Equal Opportunity Policy

The selection of new staff will be based on the job requirements and the individual's suitability and ability to do, or to train for, the job in question. Person specifications and job descriptions will be limited to those requirements that are necessary for the effective performance of the job. Candidates for employment, promotion or transfer will be assessed objectively against the requirements for the job. The company will strictly refrain from demonstrating bias or prejudice towards individual differences which will be valued and protected. People will be given the chance to work in a discrimination-free environment which will help everyone feel that their worth and rights are respected. Company’s Equal Opportunity Policy is available on the official website https://www.campusvarta.com/

Terms of employment, benefits, facilities and services

Company will identify posts/vacancies that would be suitable for disabled persons. All terms of employment, benefits, facilities and services will be reviewed from time to time in order to ensure that there is no unlawful direct or indirect discrimination because of one or more of the protected characteristics. Actions aiming towards equal opportunity include the following:

  • Use of inclusive, diversity-sensitive language in all official documents, signs etc.
  • Modification of structures and facilities to accommodate people with disabilities
  • Leave and flexible work arrangement policies to provide for parental, medical or other needs Hiring, training and evaluating processes that do not focus on characteristics irrelevant to employment, job specifications, qualifications, productivity etc.
  • Inclusion of religious or national holidays of all people that are part of the workforce in the company’s official schedule and arrange their leaves upon request
  • Educational sessions and groups on diversity for employees
  • Open door practices to make the reporting of unlawful discriminatory conduct easier
  • Active encouragement of employees to propose improvements
  • Explicit prohibition of discrimination and clearly defined consequences

Equal pay and equality of terms

The Company is committed to equal pay and equality of terms in employment. It believes all employees should receive equal pay where they are carrying out like work, work rated as equivalent or work of equal value. In order to achieve this, the Company will endeavour to maintain a pay system that is transparent, free from bias and based on objective criteria.

Grievance Procedure

All supervisors and managers are responsible to ensure that policies of equal opportunity are applied at all times and that all procedures and practices are free of discrimination. All staff are obliged to follow legal guidelines and equal opportunity employer principles. In cases when these rules are violated, employees can address the offender directly. If the issue is not resolved they can report to Human Resources department or their immediate supervisor. The report will be investigated as soon as possible and all parties will be listened to. The employee that suffered the offence will be protected against harassment and victimization.

Monitoring Equal Opportunity

The Company will regularly monitor the effects of selection decisions and personnel practices and procedures in order to assess whether equal opportunity is being achieved. If changes are required, the Company will implement them.