Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024 with PM Modi, and mantras on reducing exam related stress and more

  • 03 Feb, 2024
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi interact with students, parents and teachers from all over the country during Pariksha Pe Charcha, 2024 and share mantras on reducing exam related stress and more.

Key takeaways from PM Modi's address:

1) “The 'running commentary' from parents, teachers or relatives drawing negative comparisons now and then is detrimental to a student's mental well-being. It does more harm than good. We must ensure to address the issue through proper and heartfelt conversations with students rather than reducing their morale and confidence through inimical comparisons and talks."

2) “The relationship between teachers and students should be such that the students feel it something beyond the 'subject related bond'. This bond should be deeper! This relationship should be such that the students can openly discuss their tensions, problems and insecurities with their teachers."

3) “Just like a mobile requires charging to function, similarly it is very important to keep the body recharged, because keeping the body healthy is very important for a healthy mind. For this, taking proper sleep is also very important."

4) “The more you practice, the more confident you become. No matter how deep the water is, the one who knows how to swim will sail through. In the same way, no matter how difficult the question paper is, if you have practised well, you will perform well. Stop paying attention to who is doing what around you. Keep your Focus on YOU! What YOU are, what YOU do, what YOU practice, is what will decide your future."

5) “At times children take pressure on themselves that they are not performing up to the mark. I suggest that you should set small goals during preparation and gradually improve your performance, this way you will be completely ready before the exams."

6) “Confusion, be it in any form, is bad. Indecisiveness is even worse! We must be insightful enough to analyse the details of things well, and decisive enough to throw the confusions out of our brains."

7) “Not only mobile, but excess of anything...doesn't do anyone any good. There should be a standard for everything, it has a basis. It is very important to have discretion as to how much of anything should be used. We should not run away from technology, but should use it positively."

8) “I urge all parents to never sow the seeds of competition among their children, but be an inspiration to each other."