IIT Graduate Quits High Paying Job to Spend Time With Newborn Daughter, Internet Lauds the Decision

IIT Graduate Quits High Paying Job to Spend Time With Newborn Daughter, Internet Lauds the Decision

Ankit Joshi, who happens to be an IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) Kharagpur graduate, revealed that he has quit his high-paying job to spend more time with his newborn daughter. Speaking to Humans of Bombay, the man explained how a one-week-long paternity leave was not enough to look after his daughter. “A few days before my daughter was born, I quit my high paying job. I know it was a bizarre decision. People said, ‘You know how difficult it’s gonna be now?’ But my wife Akanksha stood with me and that was all that mattered," Ankit said.

He further revealed that during their trip to the Spiti Valley in Himachal, he and his wife had promised to name their daughter Spiti. “Our dream came true last month when we gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Our hearts were full and our lives were complete. But even before my daughter arrived in the world, I knew I wanted to spend all my time with her, more than my week-long paternity leave," he further said.

He further revealed that his wife is on a maternity leave for 6 months. She was promoted to a Manager a few days after Spiti was born. “Seeing her excel in both, her career and motherhood is so fulfilling!" the husband said.

Seeing the post, many came in support for Ankit. One person wrote, “Hats off to you for taking the plunge into fatherhood and loving every moment. The pics show how deeply involved you are with your bundle of joy. May your tribe increase. The world needs more like you."

Recalling ones personal experience, an Instagram user wrote, “Man I too became a father about 2 months back. I too had the exact same feeing of quitting and spending almost all my time with my lil baby boy and freelancing from home. But couldn’t do it as my family things it’s a wrong decision to take. Specially since we aren’t very well off. I feel sad that we fathers are deprived from the most natural feeling in the world. My company only has a 3 day paternity leave! Just 3 days! One spends more days in the hospital while giving birth than that! While a mother gives birth to a child through her womb. A father gives birth to a child through his heart. It’s sad state of affairs that we live in. Which this changes."