Why Priya Rani, UPSC Rank 69, Choose Economics as Her Optional Subject for UPSC CSE?

  • 22 Apr, 2024
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Priya Rani, UPSC Rank 69, has embarked on a noble endeavor by launching an official Telegram channel dedicated to supporting Civil Services aspirants with Economics as their optional subject.

With a heart full of gratitude and a desire to give back to the community, Priya aims to share the wealth of knowledge she has amassed through her own journey of four attempts in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Having cleared prelims four times, mains thrice, and secured coveted ranks in the esteemed 'HOLY PDF' twice – ranking 69 in 2023 and 284 in 2021 – Priya's dedication and perseverance are truly commendable.

Through this channel, she hopes to provide aspirants with comprehensive notes, valuable insights, and unwavering support, empowering them to navigate their UPSC journey with confidence and clarity.

Priya's initiative exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and mentorship within the civil services community, and her selfless commitment to helping others achieve their dreams is truly inspiring.

Priya's Telegram Link: https://t.me/priyarani_ias